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Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Food and beverage manufacturing facilities include a diverse range of wet and dry processing environments as well as non-processing areas such as laboratories, changing rooms, corridors and warehouse areas. Each of these is subject to a host of challenges, including wet conditions, extreme temperature swings and constant heavy traffic, impact damage due to equipment as well as attack from chemicals and corrosive ingredients.

As such, each area of the food and beverage processing facility requires protective floor coating systems that meet strict hygiene and safety protocols in line with local regulations and HACCP principles as well as the individual performance characteristics needed to withstand their unique service conditions.

Resin flooring systems ensure a non-porous, smooth and seamless surface where there is nowhere for bacteria or mould spores to grow.



ALS, throught Flowcrete Asia, can offer a complete package of speciality floor coating systems designed to cater for all areas within a food and beverage processing environment.  Its main product group is FlowFresh Resin Flooring in various variants.  Flowcrete have sub groups i) FlowCoat ii) FlowShield.  A simple listing of the products is at the bottom of this page.

These Flooring products are ideal for the following type of Food & Beverage Processing

  • Meat & Fish Processing
  • Beverages & Alcoholic Drinks
  • Bakeries Confectionery
  • Kitchens & Production Lines
  • Freezers & Cold Stores
  • Food Packaging Services




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Flowfresh MF    (3–4mm)

A chemical resistant, antimicrobial floor for use in dry areas subject to medium to heavy traffic. Best suited to packaging areas and processing zones subject to medium to heavy foot and wheeled traffic, this HACCP International certified system delivers a seamless joint-free, smooth matt finish.

Flowfresh SR (3–4mm)

A heavy duty, HACCP International certified, polyurethane floor with a positively textured finish. Suited to all zones subject to heavy foot and wheeled traffic, such as wet processing areas or food preparation zones, this trowel applied 3–4 mm system delivers an anti slip floor finish.

Flowfresh SRQ (thickness dependent on specification)

A heavy duty, antimicrobial, polyurethane floor with coloured quartz aggregates that provide anti slip properties. Suited to all zones subject to heavy foot and wheeled traffic, such as wet processing areas or food preparation zones, this HACCP International certified system delivers a decorative, anti slip, joint-free floor finish.

Flowfresh RT & HF (6–9mm)

A slip-resistant, HACCP International certified, polyurethane screed for use in wet areas subject to high volumes of traffic. Best suited to wet processing zones and thermal shock areas where it is subject to high volumes of foot and wheeled traffic, these trowel applied 6-9mm systems deliver a seamless joint-free matt finish.


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FlowCoat HTS (thickness dependent on specification)

A high performance, UV light stable, chemical resistant, pigmented hybrid polyurethane coating system. Ideal for use in heavy traffic environments where abrasion resistance is essential.

FlowShield CR (2–3mm)

A chemical resistant, self-smoothing epoxy resin flooring system used in dry processing areas where the floor is subject to chemical spillage as well as medium to heavy traffic.


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