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Iconic Concrete

Iconic Concrete

We take this page to highlight Exposed Concrete / Exposed Aggregate solution using a Surface Retander chemical Ez Expose.  This moves away from the traditional 3 solutions show in the next main section to highlight Exposed Concrete here.



EZ EXPOSE is a water-based, Concrete surface Retarder designed to create exposed-aggregate finishes with consistency and ease.

EZ EXPOSE is formulated in four grades that result in different etch levels from a fine sandblast up to a full 1-in (2.5 cm) depth that will expose larger decorative stone. For best results, all grades are slightly colored so that application can be monitored visually to assure even and total coverage.


The product is used in

  • Integrally-colored concrete
  • Decorative exposed aggregate
  • Micro-etch, sandblast effect
  • Large exposed stone
  • Embedded exposed crushed shell
  • Flatwork or precast concrete




In Iconic Concrete we focus on 3 Solutions: Transforming concrete into a beautiful iconic textured surface

  1. Texture Crete: Patterned Overlay system on Old Concrete
  2. Colour Crete: A Spectrum of Color for New Concrete
  3. Stamped Concrete: Pattern & Texture to dull Concrete – alternative  to nature


1  Texture-Crete overlays create a textured, patterned surface while covering dull gray concrete without the expense of removing and replacing structurally sound concrete.

Using a vast number of color combinations, Texture-Crete is sprayed over a stencil pattern to create unlimited possibilities. We endeavour to offer custom-designed stencils, such as your company logo, to promote your business and set you apart from the rest.

Texture-Crete is as durable as it is attractive. Once sealed, pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, entries, patios/lanais or any hardscaping is protected and easy to maintain.

Texture-Crete is perfect for commercial and retail entrances, patios, pool decks and other architectural concrete. The aesthetically pleasing surface is textured and rich looking.



  • Hundreds of color/pattern combinations
  • Residential and commercial
  • Beautifully textured, non-slip surface
  • Low maintenance


2  Color-Crete is ideal for projects of any size or scope, residential or commercial, and is versatile enough either to blend with the surrounding environment or to add stunning highlights to hardscape designs.

Color-Crete is a mix-in, integral colorant and not a topping, which means the color is permanent for the life of the concrete.

Stamped, broomed, troweled, sand-blasted and exposed aggregate are several finishing techniques that can transform the look of Color-Crete concrete.

With 35 standard colors and an unlimited palette of custom colors available, Color-Crete is the decorative product of choice for flat work, vertical pours and pre-cast applications.

Color-Crete integral color transforms plain concrete into a workable artistic material that can match or highlight any theme or decor. There is the freedom to add pizzazz, design and color shades to what has been considered plain and bland, or the concrete can be colored to blend or match the surrounding environment.

icon color



3  Stamped concrete is extremely popular, because it replicates the beauty of nature at a fraction of the cost of natural materials. It transforms gray, standard concrete into a work of art. The unique system duplicates nature’s texture with incredible realism and excellent durability.

With over 100 patterns and 900 color combinations, the possibilities are unlimited whether you are blending with surrounding landscape elements or creating a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.

By applying special coloring effects to the surface, patterns come to life with realistic color and texture variations. Creative and complex designs bring interest to otherwise bland concrete.

Sealing stamped concrete not only intensifies the color but increases protection against weather and wear. Increte stamped concrete is a sturdy, durable, easy-to-maintain surface with superior longevity when compared to conventional concrete or pavers.

Natural-looking color variations and patterns enhance and beautify residential, commercial, civic, and municipal decorative projects around the world. These include any driveway, walkway, patio, deck, shopping center or courtyard with the Increte stamped concrete system.


  • Residential, commercial, public works & more
  • 100+ standard textures/patterns
  • Duplicate natural slate, stone, granite, brick & wood
  • Exterior or interior application
  • Over 900 color combinations
  • Easy to maintain
  • Custom colors, patterns, textures available




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