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Car Park / Curing.Sealing

Car Park / Curing.Sealing

Today, from basement to roof-top decks, must offer larger and brighter parking bays that comes with a safe, secured and welcoming environment with clear navigational markings.  Thus professionals are required to design new build or refurbish old ones.

Whether your parking facility is precast, cast-in-place or post-tensioned construction, we through Flowcrete offers complete solutions for concrete repair and protection. Owners will protect against expensive and damaging effects caused by:

  • Water leakage through cracks and joints
  • Chloride ingress
  • Pollution
  • Wearing from repetitive traffic patterns
  • Typical mechanical movement that causes spalling, reinforcement corrosion and other distress

Car Park Refurbishment & Repair Solution includes

  1. Traffic deck systems
  2. Surface / concrete repairs
  3. Water Proofing
  4. Crack injection
  5. Architectural wall coatings and waterproofing products.

This is a complication subject, thus this page will not do justice to its complexity, it is only meant to point out some salient abilities of the Euclid Chemical solutions at the end of this page. 

Also in this page we touch on the important subject of Concrete Curing & Sealing at the bottom. 



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1  Deckshield ID: A Traffic Coating System

  • Environmentally Friendly A Green Label certified, low VOC, solvent free, flexible polyurethane car park deck coating system available in a range of colours.
  • Attractive: Deckshield ID providies a colourful watertight, hard wearing surface for intermediate decks of multi-storey, basement and other trafficable suspended floors.  Brightens up dull, dark and musty car park environments
  • Resistant: Excellent resistance to chemicals exposure, fire and slip / skid risks

Deckshield comes various flavours depending on the environmental conditions

RI for Renovation

LBD is a polyurethane car park coating system that incorporates a technically advanced polyurethane based temporary moisture barrier. The use of Deckshield LBD ensures the controlled dissipation of moisture vapour which is suitable at the lowest basement car park levels.

ID Rapide  is an MMA car park deck coating system providing a colourful watertight, hard wearing surface for intermediate decks of multi-storey, basement and other trafficable suspended floors. Deckshield ID Rapide has been developed to enable very fast track applications, therefore dramatically reducing program time.

2  Surface Repair

Versaspeed is a versatile, single-component, rapid-setting repair mortar for horizontal, and form and pour repair projects. Versaspeed is a low shrinkage, high early strength material.
Repaired areas may be open to standard tire traffic after 2 hours, and a traffic coating may be applied after 4 hours.

Flowtex HK Repair Mortar: A 2 component epoxy resin binder to be mixed with graded, dry sand/aggregate for an epoxy mortar/screed. Used to repair damaged floors, joint arises or as a thin layer topping underlayment for Flowcrete epoxy resin finishes.

Flowscreed Mortar:  A single component, quick drying, cement based screed used to repair floors. Flowscreed Mortar can be laid at thicknesses up to 40mm, with a minimum of 20mm when laid by hand.  Used for fast track refurbishment projects prior to the installation of a Flowcrete flooring system.


3  Waterproofing

Eucoflex PU 100 : A high build, water based, liquid applied PU elastomeric waterproofing membrane that has excellent cold flexibility, elongation and recovery properties. Eucoflex PU 100 can be used to refurbish old waterproofing systems including torch-on waterproofing membranes.

Eucoproof 3000 TA & 4000 TA: Torch applied bituminous waterproofing membranes that are manufactured from mixture of bitumen and selected APP (Atactic Poly Propylene) polymers blended together to obtain excellent heat & UV resistance and waterproofing properties. Available in thicknesses of 3mm and 4mm.


4  Crack Injection

Dural 452 LV / MV A two-component, 100% solids, moisture insensitive, high strength epoxy adhesive and binder for numerous applications. This high modulus, Low Viscosity / Medium Viscosity epoxy resin is the perfect solution for general bonding applications and for injecting cracks in concrete and a variety of other substrates.

Dural 452 Gel: A two-component, 100% solids, DOT noncorrosive, moisture insensitive, high strength epoxy adhesive and binder for numerous applications. This high modulus, structural gel is perfect for bonding applications that require a non-sag adhesive.

Dural Aqua-Dam: A hydrophobic polyurethane grout that is injected in concrete and other sound substrates to stop water from entering into occupied or unwanted places. Dural Aqua-Dam forms a water tight seal within the substrate that remains even after the water has subsided


5  External Wall Sealer

Euco-Guard 100: A siloxane-based water and chloride repellent for concrete & masonry structures. Euco-Guard 100 reacts chemically with the concrete to provide a highly effective chloride screen and water barrier. Can be used on both new and old concrete surfaces.

Weather-Guard: A siloxane penetrating water repellent sealer designed specifically for the treatment of masonry materials and concrete surfaces. Weather-Guard protects concrete and masonry surfaces from the effects of exterior exposure and weathering.





Concrete Curing & Sealing

Euclid Chemical offers a full range of curing and sealing products that meet the toughest environmental and performance standards in the marketplace today. All of your concrete and masonry curing, sealing, and protection challenges can be met with Euclid Chemical’s:


seal1All Euclid Chemical Curing compounds meet the requirements of ASTM C 309, are easy to apply, and provide a cost-effective method for initial curing of concrete. A proper cure is vital to full development of concrete’s strength and durability.

White pigmented curing compounds are available to help reflect sunlight and provide a visual inspection of coverage.

Euclid Chemical also provides dissipating and removable Curing compounds that are excellent choices for curing when a sealer, coating, or covering will be applied to the concrete at a later date.



seal2Concrete Curing and Sealing compounds have the added benefits of protecting the surface after the curing process is complete, and enhancing the surface appearance with a glossy shine.

All Euclid Chemical products designed for Curing & Sealing meet the requirements of both ASTM C 309 and ASTM C 1315.

Euclid Chemical’s curing and sealing line includes traditional solvent based products, exempt solvent based products for highly VOC-regulated areas, as well as water based, low odour products for all application environments.


seal3There are two general types of concrete and masonry sealers: filmforming and penetrating.

Film-forming sealers reduce penetration of water and contaminants by forming a barrier on the concrete surface; they also darken the concrete and provide varying levels of gloss, giving the substrate a “wet look”.

Penetrating sealers and densifiers soak into the concrete or masonry surface and chemically react in the pores to produce a water and chloride repellent barrier. Penetrating sealers last longer than filmforming sealers, and provide protection without changing the appearance. Liquid densifiers are a type of penetrating sealer that both seal the concrete surface and increase the surface density and toughness.


Euclid Chemical offers three types of concrete and masonry sealers:

  1. Penetrating silane and siloxane sealers, in water based, solvent based, and 100% active formulations.
  2. Film-forming epoxy sealers that give an enhanced, glossy appearance and protection against water and some mild chemicals.
  3. Silicate and siliconate based liquid densifiers that penetrate and chemically react with the concrete to dustproof and improve the durability of the surface.



  • Low VOC products - both solvent based and water based - that comply with clean air regulations in the U.S. and Canada
  • Products that can contribute toward the LEED certification of a project
  • Sealers that are uniquely formulated for enhancing and protecting decorative concrete
  • Products guaranteed not to yellow in sunlight • USDA approved products
  • Penetrating sealers that protect concrete from the damaging effects of water and salt
  • Liquid densifiers for dustproofing, sealing, and strengthening concrete surfaces


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